David Latuno

Web Developer

San Diego, California


I am a Full Stack Web Developer currently looking for employment. My previous career as a Filter Technician at Ballast Point Brewing Company revealed my passion for mechanical processes, problem solving, and creating quality products through collaborative teamwork. Similar to my start with Ballast Point, I began my coding career from the ground up. I have grown my front (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js) and back-end (Node.js, MySQL, Mongo) coding skills and am now helping my team members to see the big picture of projects, develop our skills to the next level, and cultivate a positive work environment. I fell in love with the complexity and specificity of programming and I am excited to see new technology emerge while meeting passionate people along the way.

  • $55.00 / Hour
  • $400.00 / Day
  • $2000.00 / Week
  • $8000.00 / Month

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