Allison Pope

Director of Global Operations

Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to Get Your Google Places API Key

1 Go to your Google Console dashboard. If you new user agree Google terms:



2 Select your existing project or create new:



3 Wait for creation and then click ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES‘:




4 Type ‘Places API‘ in the search area, select the first result ‘Places API‘ and click ‘ENABLE‘ button:



5 After enable the Places API, click ‘Navigation menu‘, select ‘APIs & Services‘ and ‘Credentials‘:



6 On Credentials page click ‘+ CREATE CREDENTIALS‘ and select ‘API key‘:



7 After creation of API key you need to copy & paste it to the plugin’s settings (please do not restrict the key, the plugin can’t work with a restricted API key, it’s a limitation of Google):



8 Now, you need to enable Google Billing. It’s mandatory step to use the API key. Don’t worry, Google is currently giving $200 free credit a month and it should be enough to use the plugin for connecting several Google places without additional fees except this free $200 credits. Go to, select your recent created project and click ‘CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT‘:



9 Agree Google terms, fill your contact information and start using your Google API key with the plugin.



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