Joe Gonzalez

Junior Project Manager



Preparing overhead Hot Tub Images to Scale

The scale that we prepare hot tub overhead images, which we use as Product Avatars, is 1 inch per 8.4375 pixels and our goal dimensions are 1000x840px. This is going to give us the idea of scale between different models of spa. On our dealer sites this will help give the impression of a Virtual Showroom wherein the customer can compare the size with their own eyes rather than just dimensions.

We’ll start by retrieving the overhead image, the larger the original image is always better, and removing any white background to be transparent. From there crop the image as down as much as possible without losing any of the tub, this will be our base to scale from. For the sake of example we’ll use the Fantasy Spas® Aspire Overhead pictured below.

Now we’re going to do some simple math to find the length of the longest side, in this case 6 feet (72 inches) and multiply the inches by 8.4375. Bringing us to 607.5 pixels, we’ll round to 608 pixels as a whole number and adjust the size of the image to match. Once you have the scaled base we want to change the canvas size to 1000×840 with the bottom-center square being the anchor point.

To finish the image we want to give it a 4 pixel margin at the bottom to respect the spacing on the page. We’ll save the image as a PNG to retain the transparent background. Make sure you name the image with our Best Practices for File Naming: Dimensions-BrandName-CollectionName-ModelName-(Details which may improve SEO performance)-ImageUsage. Afterwards we’ll have our fully prepped and to-scale image which will fit right in on any dealer’s Hot Tub landing page using Syndified!