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Website Project Planning 101

OK so here is my quick primer on Website Project Planning.


Below is a list of what you would hope to have in your plan. Not every project will have all of these, however, based on time and budget constraints.

Great Templates to Start You in the Right Direction

  • A one-page creative brief (free template here)
  • A clearly stated Scope of Work using layman’s terms (see example here)
  • A list of all relevant project stakeholders
  • (preferably with roles, titles, and contact emails) (free template here)
  • A benchmarks and goals document (free template here)
  • A technical requirements list or document (see an example here)
  • A brand or digital style guide (see ours for DS here)
  • Access to brand assets such as logos, photos, videos, etc
  • A complete list of social media venues that already exist
  • A detailed action plan for prioritizing tasks (free template here)
  • A Gantt chart showing the phases of the project (free template here)
  • A website navigation planning document (free template here)
  • A clearly defined target audience (see example here)
  • Personas for atypical website users (free template here)
  • A website URL content inventory (free template here)
  • A system for securely storing passwords (like LastPass or OnePass, etc)
  • A URL naming and 301 redirect mapping doc (free template here)

A Go-To-Market plan for announcing the launch of the new site (gated template here)

A lot of this information can be gathered using a Discovery Questionnaire website form. To see examples of forms that we use for gathering information in the discovery process, visit

More Helpful Resources for project planning

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Here is a graphic that shows something interesting

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