Watkins Wellness – Local Dealer Program


The Local Dealer Program (or LDP) for Watkins Wellness (formerly Watkins Mfg) is a massive and ongoing endeavor which started in 2016 and continues to this day.

Through this program, the manufacturer of the world’s top hot tub and swim spa brands is helping it’s retail dealers all over the USA and even all over the globe to build a world-class digital presence. DesignStudio and Watkins have partnered to help their dealers to dominate their local competition by utterly outclassing them on the Web.  We help them to show more product on their websites and therefore sell more product on their showroom floors with a first-of-its-kind content syndication platform called Syndified.

Syndified stands for Syndication, Simplified.  The local dealer program now has over 200 success stories and more added every month.




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