Bennett Elias

VP of Sales & Business Development

San Diego, California


For the last 30 years I have been selling and marketing ideas and products, both directly and indirectly throughout various parts of the world.  The key understanding when it comes to sales is that everyone, everywhere in some form or another, is a sales person.  Everyone of us, regardless of how we see ourselves, is selling something: our expertise, abilities, thoughts and concepts, our personalities or products and services, the list is truly endless.  The best sales people are those that recognize this simple truth and fully embrace it.  From the time we are born we are selling, whether it’s how good we are to our parents or asking for an opportunity with a prospective boss.

The easiest items to sell are those that we are naturally passionate about.  The research needed to master a product or service doesn’t feel like work and information is usually retained at a higher degree.  Therefore, if you can identify products and services to sell that you are passionate about you will almost invariably find that greater success will follow.  While this sounds simple it is often hard to execute.


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