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An Alphabetized List of Tech Industry Acronyms

For Internal Use Only

This document was created to become a valuable point of reference for many of the common industry acronyms, technical terms, jargon and other phraseology that we come across during everyday business.


“A” acronyms


  • ACF = Advanced Custom Field(s)
    • A very popular developer plugin for WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS. Helps to customize the back-end.
  • AI = Artificial Intelligence
    • Advanced computational algorithms that simulate human thinking or highly advanced conditional logic
  • AP = Action Plan
    • An incredibly valuable tool for helping to prevent “scope creep” in digital projects and marketing campaigns.
  • API = Application Programming Interface
    • A set of clearly defined methods of communication among various systems (websites, apps, custom software, etc.).


“B” acronyms

  • B2B = Business to Business
    • A business that sells only to other businesses – not to end-user consumers.
  • B2C = Business to Consumer
    • A business that sells only to consumers – and not to other businesses.
  • BI = Business Intelligence


“C” acronyms

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
    • A marketing analysis metric which is the average cost estimate for getting a new customer. This is valuable information if you can get to it but it requires knowing the cost per lead and then how many leads, on average, it takes to get a sale.
  • CAN-SPAM = Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing
    • A US law was passed in 2003 to establish rules, regulations, and potential penalties relating to email marketing.
  • CLV = Customer Lifetime Value
  • CMO = Chief Marketing Officer
  • CMS = Content Management System

“D” acronyms

  • DAM = Digital Asset Manager
  • DMM =
  • DNS = Domain Name Service (or Servers) 

“E” acronyms

  • EC2 = 
  • ERP =


“F” acronyms

  • FFF = 


“G” acronyms

  • GGG = 


“H” acronyms

  • HHH =