The Pursuit of Better Personal Branding

How to Leverage Your Professional Skillset into an Awesome Career

Having an exceptional personal brand is a quintessential component of a great career in the modern age. First off, building a stellar personal brand advances your professional development. Furthermore, branding is highly beneficial both for yourself and your company. Finally, top-class personal branding is made much easier in the Internet Era. Through the plethora of new media tools, social networks, and online news outlets available, anyone can create a personal brand.

Personal Branding

Building a personal brand helps freelancers stand out from the crowd.

We can show you how.

The Design Studio team has made the boundless pursuit of better branding their main mission in the business world. This is because we understand that those who have made a massive cultural impact in recent years all seem to possess a powerful brand narrative. We have learned that strong personal branding is a defining aspect of the modern, successful entrepreneur. Renowned digital creatives. Influential online professionals. Industry revolutionaries and intrepid freelancers. These successful individuals have great stories, and they leverage them into engaging brands in the digital age.

You can harness the power of branding for your own professional success online too. Contact us for an exclusive invitation to an unabashedly premium branding network for digital professionals. Furthermore, read on for insightful branding tips to tell your story and launch your career.

Invest in Your Personal Branding and Professional Development

Whether it’s time, money, or online research into the art of branding, you must invest to see returns. While an elite personal brand is far from free, it’s one of the best investments you can possibly make. This is often said of education as well. In the same vein, investing in yourself is one of the smartest choices available for young professionals. This is an incredibly important decision, one that can catapult your career to great new heights.

Some great ideas for investing in your own personal brand and professional skillset:

  • Join Toastmasters International or hire a coach to improve your public speaking skills
  • Take an online course or local class for an important professional skill you need to improve
  • Alternatively, buy a book and teach yourself a new skill – (Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability is a great example for Modern UX Web Design!)
  • Learn how to create and deliver stellar presentations
  • Hire a content editor to enhance your digital resume, cover letters, or social profiles

Remember, great personal branding is impossible without the skills to back it up. Invest in yourself, refine your abilities, and then tell your tale.

Be Genuine, Be Committed, Be Yourself

The art of better personal branding isn’t about crafting a cultivated image of success. Online branding experts won’t recommend shifting from your natural, authentic self just to build a paper persona.  Building an awesome personal brand is thus about playing to your strengths, doing stellar work, and weaving your real accomplishments into an online narrative.  You don’t just “do” this type of branding in the digital age. You must live your life and make a difference in the professional world beforehand. Only after you have done great things can you build a great personal brand.

Focus on what you love, stay consistent, and be committed building a career of value. Your professional work should create worth and add something to this world. Your story should be meaningful, but also remember that these achievements take time. Our generation seems to believe that Rome was built in a day, that making a real professional impact happens instantaneously. Much like a career, an amazing personal branding can take months, years, even decades to create. Be who you are – unabashedly, unrelentingly, completely. Because without authenticity, your personal brand will fall flat. Without consistency, personal branding lacks identity.

Amplify Your Personal Brand on the Right Networks

Social media branding

Tell your story on the social channels that work best for you.

Your first step in the pursuit of better branding is to know thyself. Define your personal strengths, professional abilities, and your mission. Once you have done a thorough inventory for your personal brand, identify the right channels to engage and interact on. There are a myriad of social media networks and professional hubs for building your professional brand and growing a great audience. However, trying to establish a presence on every single one is a fool’s errand.

Is your niche highly visual? Then try Instagram and Pinterest to grow your audience. Is your skillset technical and complex? If so, perhaps Twitter and LinkedIn is where you should make your professional connections. Don’t know where to start? If this is the case, Facebook has the largest community and often makes a great starting point for beginners. Try out a few social networks and professional platforms to see what works best for you. However, don’t try to make a splash on every digital channel. Once you’ve found the online space where you can make in impact, develop a laser focus and tell a great story. This is the first key to better personal branding in the modern age.

Do you have any unusual personal branding tips or tricks for beginners? If so, please share your story with us by leaving a comment with our community!

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