How Syndified uses content freshness for you

Syndified was created to ensure that your site has content freshness, helping your site rank in Google’s algorithm.

Not to be confused with frequency, which is the rate at which new content is published (ie, once per day, monthly, etc.), content freshness is existing content that has been recently published or updated and is considered relevant to what users are searching for.

Syndified ensures your website takes full advantage of Google’s content freshness ranking system. We do this by syncing your existing content with our Central Content Database (CCD) every weekend to check for updates. Whenever updates are available, it grabs them and publishes them to your website. This way, when Google compares your website content against existing content across the web yours is always up-to-date. Ultimately this means that you will outrank competitors using stale content in these searches, competitors that are not using a marketing tool like Syndified, and will allow you to rank higher on the front page of Google which increases your site’s visibility and results in leads for your products.

Not only does Syndified deliver new content to your site at regular intervals, but it updates any older content with relevant changes, meaning that your site has high levels of content freshness and will rank higher in Google as users search. Overall this makes the problem of aging, stale content a thing of the past!

What does this mean for you?
Curating content for your site can boost your business in a multitude of ways. Ranking higher in Google’s algorithm means that you:

  • Get more leads and exposure through your site
  • See the benefits of fresh content in both organic and paid search results
  • Benefit from a hands-off approach, our Syndified team does the legwork for you
  • Generate increased sales and store visits through consistent and valuable updates to your content
  • Have access to industry updates to stay in compliance with the manufacturer’s direction
  • Have mobile-optimized content – 60-70% of all users access the internet through their mobile devices

Syndified is a powerful marketing software that delivers fresh content directly to your site to make your website work for you. Contact DesignStudio today to find out how Syndified is simplifying the changes to your content to promote freshness for our clients in Google and other search engines.


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