Industry Resources for SEO and Search Marketers: Ahrefs


Optimizing your site to maximize search engine visibility and website performance is a critical component of your business’s online presence and we have many clients who come to us to help them enhance their digital presence and strengthen their website. 

To help our clients with this tricky task, we begin by using an SEO tool called Ahrefs to complete technical SEO audits and to generate site health reports. We use these results as a starting point for improving the performance of your site and your brand’s online presence.  You can visit their site here:

Why Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools for SEO professionals and it is helpful because it provides an array of features and services designed to help maximize search engine visibility and website performance.

Ahrefs is not only a tool for diagnoses, you can also use the site for:

  1. Comprehensive Site Auditing: Identify any potential issues that may be slowing down your website or causing it to appear lower in search results and see valuable insights into how well your content is performing.
  2. Content Discovery & Optimization: Discover new content ideas related to popular topics or keywords relevant to your market as well as use other optimization options.
  3. Backlink Analysis & Monitoring: Gain insight into what links are being used by competitors and which ones are likely to bring more traffic to your website, as well as monitor changes in page authority over time so that you can keep up with the latest trends in your market.
  4. SEO Reports & Alerts: Robust reporting capabilities which allow users to generate custom reports that can be monitored over time or easily shared with clients.

Ahrefs is an industry resource that helps us improve our client’s sites by diagnosing site health issues. Through these reporting mechanisms we gain a snapshot of a site’s strengths and weaknesses and can effectively begin to optimize their SEO and online presence. If you think your site could be performing better, or are curious about this or other services that we offer, feel free to reach out to our expert team today!