Content Syndication Grows Your Business Faster

Businesses must adapt to changing times

Building a business and gaining loyal customers used to be simple…placing an ad in the Yellow Pages or local newspaper usually did the trick and, just like that, your business would be off and running!  But times have changed and, in the past couple of decades, the nature of building a business and a customer base has changed dramatically; it now requires an online presence to build awareness and to stay relevant in the market.

How to build a better business

The key to building a better business is to get your product info and other rich digital content in front of your customers because when dealers show more they, in turn, sell more.

Grow Your Business Faster with Syndified

It’s all about curated content

Building a content-rich website with hundreds (or thousands) of pages used to take months or years, yet in this age of short attention spans and quick decision-making, it’s a critical component to any successful business model.


In plain speak, without curated content and keyword optimization/SEO, businesses likely won’t garner as much organic and local traffic as they would if they had an effective online presence.


You might be asking, “Who has time to build and create that much content?  I’m busy running my store!”  The answer to that is, “Syndified does!”

Syndified software is here to grow your business faster

Syndified software makes it faster and easier than ever before for manufacturers and brands to get product info and other digital content out to their dealers and retailers. This software is built on a three-step process that results in leads to your business.

  1. We create content through massive and ongoing collaboration through our platform.
  2. We curate, optimize, and improve that content over time by answering questions like, “What compels a website visitor to go from browsing to buying?” or “How can we get visitors to request more info and fill in lead forms?” Over time we optimize all content on your site to be easy to find and convert optimally.
  3. This is where the magic happens! We deliver rich and engaging content directly to the dealer’s domain or website so that the dealer’s website now starts drawing more organic and local traffic from a much wider base of search keywords and phrases.

If you’re a dealer, retailer, or distributor of any size that is looking to show more and sell more we are here to help with our unique content syndication platform!