Well, it was bound to happen; I’ve been cruising along, happily puttering by on general knowledge.

Now it’s time to get skilled.


I was once described by one of my supervisors as “he knows enough to be dangerous.” and I loved it.

But I think it’s time to put the fear of whatever god they pray to into them by learning more


Ok. Leaving the flair for dramatics behind, all this means is that I’m finally getting back to coding.

I enjoyed doing it before, but left it behind when I got other kinds of jobs.

So I’m around 10 years out of the loop (which in software years is like 100), and it’s about time I caught up.


I found this site, freecodecamp.org, and it seems to be a good start. I’m loving the courses and tests.; it’s all snippets of code with hands-on experience, easily digestible modules and FREE.

I will definitely be donating to the organization once I have a working bank card (but that’s another issue entirely).


Well, that’s my update.

Thanks for reading!