Industry Resources for SEO and Search Marketers: Pigzilla for SEO

This week we are continuing our series that highlights industry resources for SEO and search marketers by featuring Pigzilla, an SEO resource that provides industry updates and information via a weekly newsletter, free courses and resources, and a paid membership to an SEO training community.


Here at Design Studio our Paid Media team uses the weekly newsletter as an easy way to stay current on SEO news without having to invest time in collecting, reviewing, and summarizing the information because Pigzilla does that for us.

Free Courses

In addition to the weekly newsletter, Pigzilla offers two free SEO courses designed with business owners and digital marketing agencies in mind, a super helpful resource for those looking to start implementing SEO best practices in their own business practices.

Why does it matter?

Overall, Pigzilla offers both free and tuition-based resources for both business owners and digital marketing professionals, and we use it regularly to ensure that the Design Studio team has a knowledge base both relevant and well-rounded.  You can’t go wrong having Pigzilla in your back pocket, we know we haven’t!