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Create a WordPress Staging Site

Create a WordPress Staging Site

Our goal here is to create a new WordPress staging site on AWS using Runcloud.io

First thing is login in to our RunCloud.io site with our credentials, again if you don’t know please let us know in the ticket.

Select the server usually here it will be one called AWS1

In the sidebar click Web Application then click Create Web App (Its a green button on the right)

Choose 1 Click WordPress and Fill out the following settings.

Web Application Name: Pick The client’s company name or website url if you know it.

Domain Name: Our staging site url usually it should be client’s company name . designstudio.host using our create new staging domain 

Web Application uncheck Use Existing system user and type the client’s company name

PHP Version: PHP 7.3

Web Application Stack: NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid

WordPress Part

Site Title: Client’s Company Name

Admin Username: DesignStudio

Password:  choose a random password here generated by clicking the green lock button.

all defaults should be good enough please make sure you copy and save it on the spreadsheet of the client’s logins this would be in the task description.

AdminEmail: devteam1@designstudio.com

Canvas Leave it empty.

Click Add Web Application and it should be done.

The next thing is securing the staging site with SSL by using this article.

Secure a site using SSL on AWS / RunCloud

And then password protect it with this article.

Setting up a password protected staging site