Juan Tamayo

Chief Technology Officer


San Diego, California

Secure a site using SSL on AWS / RunCloud

Our goal here is to secure a site using SSL if the site is hosted on our AWS server that is managed by RunCloud.

Once you login to RunCloud.io

Choose a server that the website you want to secure is on, you can check this other site to make sure you are picking the correct one Add the domain their and it will show you an IP make sure it matches on the selection screen in runcloud.

Once in on the sidebar click Web Application and search for the domain and click on the web application name, in the sidebar click SSL/TLS

Settings should be pretty straight forward here keep everything on default

The last drop down Let’s Encrypt Enviroment change it to Live – Real SSL Certificate for live site (Sign by Let’s Encrypt Authority)

Even if its a staging site please do this option and then hit Submit and you should wait a few mins and the site should be secure with SSL.

If a site already show this screen

It means something else is wrong or the was an issue when it tried to re-fresh the SSL certificate, a quick fix would be to click More v grey button on the top right and hit Redeploy and it should fix that.