Joe Gonzalez

Junior Project Manager



Importing an Elementor Template to a Site and then Applying it

Before we have a template to import first we’ll need to have one to work with! To do this we navigate to the WordPress backend and find the Templates content type in the sidebar. Once there, hover over your chosen template and you’ll see the “Export Template” option as displayed in the image below. From there you’ll download a JSON file

Now we’ll navigate to the same “Templates” content type from the previous step but on the destination site. At the top of the page we’ll see an “Import Templates” button which upon clicking drops down with a File Selection area. Use this button to either drag-and-drop, or navigate with the File Explorer to your JSON downloaded in the first step. Confirm the selection and click “Import Now”. Now the screen may stay the same for quite some time while the file loads in, give it time, and even if it redirects to an error page that likely just means it took too long and timed out. Navigate back to the Templates page and attempt a Cache-Clear refresh (Shift & Refresh), your template should now be on your desired site! Next is applying it to the page.

The final step is very easy! We’ll start by creating a page or whichever content type you’re using Elementor for. You want to review the content backend for necessary information before clicking the big blue “Edit with Elementor” button, such as: Content Name, Categories, Tags, ACFs, etc… otherwise they’ll be filled with defaults or the product ID. For Watkins Dealers only: ensure the Page Template is “Elementor Dealer” which contains the correct backends breadcrumbs.

Once that’s ready go ahead and hit the Blue Button. Once in the Elementor editor you’ll see the a small grey folder icon. Click this button and you’ll see the template window pop up. Click the My Templates label at the top of the popup then sort by Date of Creation. The most recently created template will be at the top to which you click Insert, and there you have it! You’ve now applied the template to a page.