Joe Gonzalez

Junior Project Manager



Setting up reCAPTCHA for Gravity Forms

In this article we’ll go over how to set up a reCAPTCHA element on a Gravity Form and link it to a website’s domain. reCAPTCHA is an Anti-spam function which does not appear to bots when they are crawling the website, as bots can only see the HTML. CAPTCHA does not prevent a physical user from completing the form, so it is still possible to receive spam from malicious actors this just reduces the amount of spam overall.

  1. To begin, login to the designated website WordPress backend. Navigate to the Gravity Forms area on the left sidebar labeled “Forms”.
  2. Under forms navigate to “Settings” which will take you to a page with a license key at the top.
  3. There will be an additional navigation bar directly left of the License Key section with “reCAPTCHA” as an option, select this option.
  4. At the top of the reCAPTCHA page there will be a link stating “Get your reCAPTCHA keys”, click this link, which will open in a new tab, to navigate to the Google reCAPTCHA page.
  5. Once on the Google reCAPTCHA page, go to the top right of the page and change your user to our account. Keep the Gravity Forms tab open as you’ll need to return here with the keys once setup is complete.
  6. Once you have the page open, and are using access@designstudio as the account, click the Plus sign in the top right white-space of the page to create a new reCAPTCHA instance.
  7. From here you will be presented with a page that looks like this
  8. We should fill the fields as follows:
    • For the label, we should enter the client’s business name.
    • As the type we should select “Challenge (v2)”. This will open up a submenu to which we’ll select the “I’m not a robot” Checkbox option.
    • Under the domain we will enter the root domain “” without any HTTP denotation.
    • Once all of the fields are filled, click “Submit”
  9. Upon clicking the submit button you will be presented with a site key and secret key. There are fields on the Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA page to receive these keys, enter them there and click Save Settings.
  10. Once these keys are saved you will be able to add the reCAPTCHA element to any Gravity Form on the site.
  11. To do this simply edit any form and scroll along the right sidebar of elements. Open the “Advanced Fields” section and there will be a CAPTCHA option. Click and drag that onto the form and congrats! Your form now uses CAPTCHA.