Juan Tamayo

Chief Technology Officer


San Diego, California

Create a Staging Domain

Create a Staging Domain

Our main goal here is to create a new subdomain from our designstudio.host domain that will serve as a staging url for a client’s website in progress using Amazon’s Route 53 services.

First and foremost login to AWS using our credentials if you don’t know where they are please ask in the ticket.

Once you are in the main dashboard look for the Route 53 Service from the list.

After that in the sidebar click Hosted zones and then you will be able to search Designstudio.host

Click on the blue link for designstudio.host and then on the top click Create Record Set then you will have options on the far right


Name: client’s company name

Type: A – IPV4 address

Alias: No

TTL (Seconds): Click 1m button

Value: Depending where the staging site will be is the IP address you want but usually it will be

The rest of the options are fine as default so now you can hit create at the bottom

Wait a few mins and that is it now you can create a new staging site on RunCloud