Regency Fireplaces Addition to Syndified™ Content

Regency Fireplace was added to our lineup of Syndified™ content!

The addition includes a brand new landing page, all Regency Fireplace products, and a clean and easy-to-navigate user experience! As part of these improvements, you can expect to see:

  • Brand new landing page for Regency Fireplace products that features all products in the line and includes a better user experience;
  • A striking new header video highlighting the beautiful design and product variety of Regency Fireplaces to customers as soon as they see your content;
  • Sleek landing page designs that simplify the shopping experience for the user;
  • Serving the entire line of 66 products from Regency Fireplaces directly to your website which allows customers to browse as if they were in your showroom;
  • Lifestyle-focused imagery and video to show customers how Regency Fireplaces fit into any home or aesthetic;
  • Benefits of Syndified™ shopping experience includes:
    • Keeps content up-to-date with the latest in manufacturer updates
    • Fast and hands-free set up on your site
    • Constantly audited and improved user experience, including ADA and mobile usability
    • Clean and consistent design across all product displays

When potential customers have a positive interaction with Regency Fireplaces’s content online, you see those benefits in the showroom! Ultimately, a simplified user experience results in sales for your business.

If you’re looking to learn more about this new product line and how an improved user experience can generate sales for your business, the DesignStudio team is ready to chat! Reach out today.