Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Snazzy Maps

What is Snazzy Maps? Snazzy Maps is a website plugin that works with Google Maps. It allows designers to make a map, well, snazzy. It’s an awesome add-on to any page and an easy way to jazz up a location or map focused page on your website. Why do we love it? Check out our top 5 reasons below:

It’s Free/Cheap!

Yes, Snazzy Maps is a 100% free plug-in for personal uses. If you’re a business, it only costs from $10-$30. That’s a no lose proposition and an extremely cost-effective way to add some flair to your site. Plus, there’s no additional charges for any style (more on styles later), so you can choose any design without worrying about added costs.

The “Style” Options are Endless

The whole point of Snazzy Maps is allowing designers to add user-created “styles” to their maps. These styles are basically like the filters on Instagram, and create really look looking maps, replacing the standard “Google Map” with something a little more artistic. Snazzy Maps offers hundreds of different styles, giving designers plenty of options when it comes to creating something unique.

You Can Create Your Own Style

Not impressed with the hundreds of styles on hand? Snazzy Maps lets you create your own custom style. If one of the template styles just isn’t unique enough for you, that’s OK. You can custom build your own Snazzy Map style. It’s quick and it’s easy, and allows designers to create maps that match their own website’s theme.

Reduce Time Styling Google Maps

Many designers work on their own to style Google Maps to work with their website. Snazzy Maps eliminates the time and effort that goes into that design work. Through a simple plug-in, designers can choose from hundreds of styles or easily create their own. A few minutes later, and your website has its own, unique Snazzy Map!

It’s Compatible with Most Google Map Plug-Ins

Snazzy Maps does not add Google Maps to a webpage. There are Google Map plug-ins for that. However, Snazzy Maps was designed with this in mind, and works with most Google Map Plug-Ins

If you haven’t tried Snazzy Maps yet, visit their website at Happy map styling!

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