Syndified Update: Hot Spring Spas – Highlife Collection

2023 Highlife Collection Updates

The Hot Spring Spas Highlife collection just got a facelift that includes a complete redesign of Highlife cabinet and shells across the entire series! As part of this, improvements to website content are available to all Syndified Watkins dealers including, but not limited to:

  • Updated feature highlights to anchor links, hero, and testimonial images (and more!) to highlight new and improved features
  • Refined the curated user experience across the entire site
  • Streamlined page updates including removing elements such as the Virtual Showroom Button and improving the Freshwater Salt System brand visibility
  • Added all new video content for the improved Highlife Gallery
  • Updated imagery on all products in the Highlife Collection to reflect the changes made to the shells, cabinet, and updated jet systems
  • Updates to customer resources such as:
    • Pricing grid
    • Comparison chart
    • Spec sheets
    • Interior page content

The improvements don’t stop there, if you’re interested in hearing more of what Syndified has to offer then reach out!