The Art of Content Marketing

Content marketing is in high demand. In the age of social media, every company is expect to regularly post blogs, share witty/informative content on social media, and provide YouTube videos that teach and entertain their customers. Many companies don’t always have the in-house capabilities to effectuate a content marketing plan. They are new to content marketing, or they’re revamping their existing approach. To whom do these companies turn? Freelancers. Freelancers provide a great solution for companies who want get in on the content marketing game, but don’t necessarily have a full-time pool of staff to churn out quality pieces.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to hiring a freelance content marketing team is managing them. Marketers may face difficulty working with a staff that runs on its own schedule out of office, and freelancers may have difficulty assessing what a company wants and providing work product that meets those expectations. Do these issues sound familiar? Check out this post from ScribbleLive which artfully describes the issues that most often arise when working with freelancers and how to best manage a content marketing freelance team.

The Ultimate Checklist for Managing Content Marketing Freelancers

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