What CRM Solution Is Best for Your Small Business?

In the world of marketing, CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” It is a concept that refers to the ways in which a company manages and tracks customer data and relationships. There are multiple applications designed to help companies streamline their CRM processes. Choosing the right solution is critical to maximizing efficiency, increasing customer retention, and boosting productivity.

When it comes to CRM solutions, it seems like there are an infinite number out there. We’ve picked three popular CRM solutions – HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and SalesForce – for a brief compare and contrast primer for businesses looking for the best CRM software for their company.


What is it?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that provides a host of applications and solutions for marketing and sales companies. HubSpot CRM is Hubspot’s bid into the world of CRM Solutions, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other HubSpot marketing solutions.

What are the pros?

We’ll throw out easily the best part of the HubSpot CRM up front – it’s free for HubSpot users. Ideal for the small business owner or a company trying out its first CRM software system, HubSpot CRM is simple and easy to learn. HubSpot also provides tutorial videos, built-in templates, and an “all-in-one” access dashboard to further its ease of use. The centralized dashboard allows for all functions to be performed in one place by an entire team, allowing a company to streamline all its functions and keeping everyone on the same page.

What are the cons?

On the flip side, while HubSpot is easy to use, it is not as advanced as other CRM solutions. Also, while the application is free for HubSpot users, there are several add-ons that are not free (and not cheap). HubSpot CRM is also not the best in terms of generating reports that help companies track relevant data and customer interactions.

Who would benefit the most from HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot is best for small companies who offer limited products or businesses just starting to invest in a CRM solution. The HubSpot CRM is simple and easy to learn, and provides a “one stop shop” in terms of consolidating a company’s CRM functions into one place. However, Hubspot’s platform is not as advanced as some others, and might not be the best solution for bigger companies or companies with large teams and/or a diverse array of products.


What is it?

InfusionSoft is a CRM solely aimed at small businesses and helping them automate their marketing and sales functions. Beyond customer relationship management functions, InfusionSoft’s platform also incorporates ecommerce and payment solutions.

What are the pros?

InfusionSoft is one of the leading providers of CRM solutions for small businesses, and they have a lot of experience in the CRM solution “game.” Their customer service is top-notch, and they understand the importance of being available for a marketing team’s 2 AM service call. InfusionSoft also allows a company to incorporate many different roles and services all in one platform, making processes more efficient.

What are the cons?

Cost may be one of the bigger detractors. InfusionSoft is not cheap, and might be on the pricey side for small businesses with a small marketing budget. It is also not as user-friendly as some other platforms, and may require a little more effort to learn its many functions. Additionally, if you plan to use the ecommerce portion of InfusionSoft, the capabilities of that portion of the software are not as advanced as the rest of InfusionSoft.

Who would benefit the most from InfusionSoft?

Small businesses that have seen a lot of growth and need a better way to manage their customer database and relationships. Companies who have larger marketing budgets, and are willing to spend a little extra on their marketing tools.


What is it?

SalesForce is a large marketing company which offers businesses a diverse array of products and tools. They are one of the global leaders in CRM solutions, and also provide cloud solutions aimed at sales teams. SalesForce IQ is their CRM solution and it is aimed at sales professionals.

What are the pros?

SalesForceIQ is a cloud CRM, meaning that it does not take up space on company servers or networks. Given that SalesForce was specifically designed with salespeople in mind, it offers great solutions for sales teams, including customizable reports and advanced lead tracking. SalesForce also offers tons of add-ons, making the solution very customizable depending on a company’s needs and wants.

What are the cons?

Speaking of those add-ons, they are not cheap and can eat up a chunk of any CRM budget. SalesForce is another CRM that requires a bit of a time investment in terms of training teams to use it. Customer service also could use some improvement, and solutions are not always instant.

Who would benefit the most from SalesForce IQ?

Businesses with large sales teams who need a customer relationship management solution. SalesForceIQ is great for sales people in terms of helping them track their communications, negotiations, and final deals with customers.

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