Yext Versus MozLocal: Who Comes Out On Top?

Before we delve into answering the title question, we will answer another equally important question: what are Yext and MozLocal? Both products are local citation services. Citation services like Yext and MozLocal ensure that a company’s information – including services provided, address, hours, phone number, company images – is posted on directory-type websites. These websites are usually review or directory sites, like Yelp.

Why are citation services like Yext and Moz so important? Simply put: the more websites your company’s information is on, the more likely your company will show up with a high rank during a Google search. If someone inputs “ San Diego pizza place,” you want to ensure that your pizza place shows up first or second on their local search results. While getting your company’s information out there and ensuring the accuracy of your company information is incredibly important, it can be very time consuming to enter, review, and revise that information manually. Services like Yext and Moz do the heavy lifting for you.

A Little About Yext

Yext is a citation service that will take your company information and publish it on 55+ directory sites. Those directory sites include sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, yellowpages, and Google. Yext also offers companies a “dashboard,” which is a main area where company information can be updated. Those updates will then automatically be reflected in a company’s directory listings. Yext also offers “enhanced listing” services, allowing companies to add more information to their listing instead of simply their name, address, and phone number. On top of all that, Yext offers analytic services, giving companies insight into results their listings are generating.

Does Yext have drawbacks? Sure. Yext is a bit pricey and there will be a flat fee every year for its use. Also, if a company ever decides to cancel their contract with Yext, their listing will either disappear or lose any enhancements provided by Yext.

Let’s Talk About MozLocal

Like Yext, MozLocal is another citation service. MozLocal takes a company’s listing information and submits it to four major data aggregators, Foursquare, and several directories. For pages that MozLocal does not submit information, they will instead run an “audit” and let companies know which directories a company is not listed on, which directories have repeat information about a company, and which directories have incorrect or outdated information about the company. While Moz still charges a fee, it is generally much lower than Yext’s fee.

Even though Moz is cheaper, it is does have several drawbacks. Unlike Yext, where updates to listings are made instantaneously, Moz generally takes about 2 or so months to reflect updates. Moz also does not create listings on as many sites as Yext does, which means its value as an SEO tool is significantly lower.

Who Wins?

While it’s a close race, Yext comes out ahead. Even though Yext is a bit pricey compared to Moz, Yext submits company information to a plethora of directory sites, making it an invaluable SEO tool. Yext also monitors a company’s listing information on multiple sites, ensuring that data is always accurate and up-to-date. Yext also ensures that any updates to a company’s listing information are reflected instantaneously on the 55+ directory websites. While Moz is a great, cost-friendly service, it’s Yext that wins the day here!

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