Awesome Branding: A Guide for Beginners

3 Insider Tips for Building an Authentic, Memorable Brand

A strong brand isn’t just important in the digital age, it’s essential. Creating and developing a brand is imperative for success in the modern business world. Whether you are a freelancer or massive B2B enterprise company, branding is a fundamental art that can catapult you to success.

A brand is defined by the way a business, organization, or individual is perceived by the consuming public. This is often made up of one’s logo, marketing efforts, reputation, and various forms of public outreach. Branding is how your operation in this world, whatever that may be, is understood by those who live within it. Your brand is how you interact with the greater community. It’s how you engage potential customers. Branding creates the digital, physical, mental, and emotional persona of your enterprise. In short, branding is everything.

Design Studio is in the constant pursuit of better branding. It’s our modus operandi around here. We do this through the art of web design, the science of digital marketing, and our unabashedly premium freelance network. We dedicate ourselves to branding because of its critical role in contributing to one’s success. When you craft a strong brand identity, it’s easier to acquire new customers, retain high-quality employees, and achieve your mission statement. Company branding provides clarity and vision to your goals. A clever brand design makes you memorable and valuable.

In the aim of helping you implement a stellar branding strategy, we explore 3 essential tips for beginners below. Your brand is the lifeblood of your business. Make it a good one.

Branding 101: Know Thyself

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is as essential to great branding as it is to a meaningful life. To build an awesome and authentic brand identity, you must first understand your own identity. This begins with a thorough inventory of yourself or your company. It’s important to be honest here. There’s no point in trying to deceive yourself and build a brand that’s separate from your true nature. You want your branding to feel genuine because your customers aren’t stupid. They can sense a fake facade from a mile away. Furthermore, you won’t enjoy the task whatsoever. With this in mind, ask yourself some critical questions:

  • What are your goals, beliefs, and overall mission?
  • What value do you add to your customers? The community? The world?
  • How are you or your company perceived by others?
  • What is your natural tone of voice?
  • How do you normally interact with others?
  • What fields are you an expert in? What industries are you a contributor to?

When you have performed this fundamental task and recorded your answers, take some time with it. To create a brand identity that is thoroughly you, revisit these questions regularly. You may change, your business will evolve. Branding is a continually shifting process, but knowing who you are underneath it all will help keep you grounded and distinct.

Know Thy Audience

Before you begin to craft your logo or develop your custom voice, you must define your ideal customer or client. This is a top priority and is also related to your personal inventory. An understanding of your audience is crucial to your business plan and marketing strategy just as much as it is to your branding. Without a firm grasp of your target audience and potential customer, your message may fall flat. Your brand strategy should incorporate both sender and receiver, much like any human communication activity. If you want to be heard and identified accurately, you have to know who you’re speaking to. Some great questions to ask about your audience include:

  • What is your audience’s average age range? Gender? Marital status? Location?
  • What level of education does your target market possess?
  • What type of employment is the most prevalent within your audience? Are they self-employed, employed by an SMB, or work for a large company?
  • What value are you adding to your customer’s lives?
  • What issues or challenges does your audience face on a daily basis?

Answering these basic questions will contribute greatly to your understanding of your audience. By knowing who you are communicating with, you can craft your brand identity and messaging accordingly. This will help you to be heard, remembered, and make a lasting impact.

Grow Your Brand Organically

A brand strategy should be natural and authentic. In contrast, artificial or contrived brands never last. The first two steps to awesome branding include an authentic, truthful inventory of yourself and your audience. These steps were taken to create a brand that is both effective and natural. However, don’t set your ideas in stone. Don’t hamstring your brand identity!

Let your branding develop through a natural course. Be open to feedback. Listen to your customers. Be receptive to brand perception and be willing to make alterations as needed. However, your messaging is not. Brand perception will continue to grow and change with time. Let it happen. By being open and flexible, you allow yourself, your company, and your brand to adapt to changes that are sure to arise in the future.

Do you need any help developing your personal or professional brand for success in the digital world? Please let us know with a comment or by reaching out to our friendly branding team any time, day or night.


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