Measles & Rubella


The Initiative was born as a collaborative effort

between the American Red Cross, UNICEF, the Center for Disease Prevention & Control, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations (aka the GAIL Alliance). These organizations have come together to help other countries fund, plan, and execute efforts to stop measles and rubella for good, with the belief that no human should ever suffer or die from either disease.

Getting the Word Out

One of the Initiative’s biggest frustrations has been the anti-vaccination movement, and they sought help offsetting the damage created by this small (but vocal) group. The Initiative also wanted people to see how the GAIL Alliance’s support enabled them to reach third world countries by mobilizing volunteers and medical professionals and sending them to places that needed these precious vaccines the most.

DesignStudio created a website aimed at helping the Initiative get the word out about their group and the larger organizations supporting them. Our team worked to create a space that educated people about the problem these diseases presented and how the Initiative worked to solve that problem. On top of educating the greater public, the freshly created site gave visitors a clear opportunity to ACT by donating to the cause.

Our marketing team became an integral part of this project, as well. Our marketers created targeted email blasts for the Initiative’s followers. They also created a stockpile of art, flyers, and infographics for the Initiative team. Our team also had the opportunity to work with the Initiative’s artist, Sophie Blackhall, who volunteers her art and time to the cause. DesignStudio collaborated with Sophie on a series of visuals aimed at educating visitors through art and graphics.

The Future

DesignStudio continues to work with the Initiative in spreading their message of a disease-free future. One of our favorite projects with the Measles & Rubella Initiative is still in the works. Our designers are coming together to launch an interactive map that shows the latest in measles and rubella outbreaks, where vaccines have been administered, and how the Initiative is battling back the tides of disease. This map is undergoing an update and we are hoping for an autumn launch!