5 Client Reporting Tools to Save You Time and Money

A Practical Guide to Client Reporting for Creative Advertising and Web Design Agencies

The modern digital agency has a lot of work to manage. Whether it’s a PPC digital marketing campaign fully integrated with Google Analytics or a WordPress website design built from the ground up, creative agencies juggle many tasks simultaneously. While workflow management is critical, a proper client reporting strategy is of tremendous value as well. A digital agency must be data-driven to be effective in the current competitive marketplace. Setting meaningful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics and precisely measuring them is vital for success. Furthermore, sending relevant  KPI data to clients in a digestible format will provide a competitive advantage for any creative agency.

There are many helpful client reporting tools available to help website designers, developers, and digital marketing agencies. Choosing the right software can save time, money, and build a sustainable client-agency relationship. The following is a list of beneficial tools to drive and improve your client reporting strategy, irrespective of agency size or niche.

InVision: Client Collaboration for Website Design

InVision is a marvelous web design collaboration tool for project management, client communication, usability testing, and a vast array of other useful services. One particularly helpful feature is the ability to create and track website hotspots during development. During market research and UX/UI testing, designers can observe where and how users interact with a website. By conveying this information to clients and collaborating with them during the design process, InVision establishes a holistic approach to workflow. This popular software is used by a multitude of high-profile companies including Zendesk, Soundcloud, Evernote, and Eventbrite. InVision is the top choice for creative digital agencies focused on website design and web development. While client reporting isn’t a typical point of emphasis for designers, InVision is a superb choice for client collaboration.

Megalytic: Seamless Client Reporting for Marketing Analytics

Megalytic Client ReportingMegalytic is one of the most popular client reporting tools for digital marketing agencies today. Powerful and versatile, the Megalytic software platform integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of the most popular data sources, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Custom CSV or Excel Data

Once the data source is connected, reports are generated from a custom design or one of the many free, custom templates available from their website. You can send client reports on a set schedule as a PDF, a link to a web page, or both. Digital marketing agencies use Megalytic around the globe. This client reporting tool is touted for versatility, ease of use, and broad compatibility with other platforms.

Raven Tools: Advanced Client Reporting for Digital Marketing Agencies

Raven Tools Client ReportingRaven Tools is an exceptional client reporting platform for the digital agency that requires a bit more functionality in their system. This software has a higher learning curve than Megalytic, but the feature-rich interface packs a punch. Furthermore, marketers can generate reports from Google Analytics, SEO, or Social Media data from a variety of sources. With over 20 different data collection integrations, Raven Tools is a masterpiece of client reporting functionality. A digital agency can tailor each report based on each specific account and has control over every aspect of the final product. Their 30-day free trial requires no credit card and can be canceled at any time.

Buffer, Hootsuite & Google Sheets: Social Media Reporting

Social Media client reporting is usually based on the account management platform used by the digital agency. Some social media marketers prefer Hootsuite, which has a steep learning curve but insightful analytics tracking. On the other hand, Buffer offers a simplified interface, excellent social listening metrics, and is swiftly rising in popularity throughout the industry. No matter what social media management software one chooses to utilize, Google Drive and Google Sheets are top-class tools for organizing data for client reports.

DataHero: Versatile Cloud-Based Client Reporting

The aforementioned client reporting tools are ideal for web designers, digital marketing agencies, and social media advertisers. However, DataHero is the perfect platform for gathering data from pretty much any other cloud-based source you can think of. The versatility of this metrics collection software is truly impressive, integrating with:

  • DataHero Client Reporting ToolsHubspot
  • Google Drive
  • MailChimp
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • ZenDesk
  • Box
  • Salesforce

Once collected, DataHero’s data decoding software generates useful insights for client reporting. The platform automatically recommends specific charts to include on each report. This data integrate with a wide variety of other services for further use. If your digital agency provides any cloud-based niche services, DataHero is certainly worth a look.

Did we leave your favorite client reporting tool off our list? If so, please let us know with a comment below!

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