5 Tips for Finding Lucrative Freelance Work

Make a Living Wage and Thrive as a Freelancer

Freelance work has taken over the modern economy.  As remote workers become more common and digital professionals make up more of the workforce, freelancing is now a major component of today’s business world. Freelancers now account for more than a third of the American marketplace, and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years. Greater access to technology and the rise of the “Gig Economy” means that there is no shortage of freelance work to go around. However, high competition also means that this abundance of freelance work has no shortage of suitors vying for that special contract. If you’re just starting to get into freelancing, it may take some time to build a reputation and receive a steady income. Furthermore, even if you have been a freelancer for some time, landing high-paying jobs can be quite the challenge.

Web designers, digital marketers, content writers, and any other digital professional trying to earn a living wage from freelance work must find a way to separate themselves from the massive crowd. To land a high-paying contract, you must have a stellar reputation and a portfolio of impressive freelance work. Moreover, building relationships with your clients and receiving recommendations can be a big boost to your freelance resume. In order to accomplish these goals and land high-paying freelance work, there are a few actions you can take to land that job that can make all the difference to your professional life.

1. Build Your Skills

The first step to landing high-paying freelance work is separating yourself from the crowd of competition. This can be done in a variety of ways, but an essential method is simply building your skillset until it’s too impressive to ignore. Make your prospective clients say “wow” when they read your digital resume. Depending on your area of expertise, there is a myriad of ways to achieve this level of professional clout. You can take an online course or read an instructive book to master a skill that’s highly desirable in your industry. Conversely, you can look to refine a skill that’s related but unique to your industry to really stand out.

2. Build Your Digital Freelance Network

Another fundamental method of landing high-paying freelance work is joining various freelancer networks online. When you do this, do your research first and discover which digital networks are right for you. Once you’ve decided on which freelance sites to join, fill out as much information as possible and highlight your best work with an online portfolio. Once you understand the market and have completed a few successful jobs, you will start to build a client base. You’re now well on your way to lucrative freelance work for a livable wage.

3. Build Your Professional Freelance Network

Networking is absolutely essential for earning new clients in the freelance world. This can be done online through freelance networking sites from the comfort of your computer desk. However, networking in person can be an immensely productive endeavor as well. You may want to join meetup groups and attend networking events for professionals in your industry. Furthermore, you can join a coworking office to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that can provide professional advice and even leads on new clients.

4. Ask for Recommendations

When you do a great job for a client in the freelance world, make the most of it. It’s a brilliant idea to politely request a positive review or recommendation for other work. This often comes in digital form in the modern era. Reviews on freelance networking sites have become a matter of course. Not only will completion of a great project provide additional work to highlight in your portfolio, but also proof of a satisfied client. Requesting a recommendation can seem uncomfortable to some, but the benefits are undeniable.

5. Become an Expert in Personal Branding

Many of the previous tips relate to the art of personal branding, which is critical in the freelance world. As a freelancer, you are a brand unto yourself. Join social media channels and grow your audience. Build a website for potential clients to visit that’s independent of a freelance networking site. Always be professional in engaging clients or colleagues in the digital space, and build your brand accordingly.


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