Juan Tamayo

Chief Technology Officer


San Diego, California

Updating to WordPress 5.0 and Beyond

We have to make sure the site we are going to update is having daily backups from our system so we need to check where its hosted by going to https://www.designstudio.com/tools/sitecheck/

If the site is hosted with us via WP Engine or Host Duplex then we are fine those backups are generated by those vendors but if its hosted via AWS or Digital Ocean then we need to go to https://designstudio.host and log in to check if our system is generating backups.

There is different ways depending on where is hosted so we will start with the hardest one which is if we control the hosting via AWS, Digital Ocean and Host Duplex.

We need to update our plugin that controls the S3 Uploads by login to the site via SFTP and go to wp-content/plugins/S3-Uploads-master/inc/ And uploading this file


Once that is done, login to the site back-end of WordPress and update all the plugins then update WordPress to the latest.

Once that is done you need to then install a new Plugin called Classic Editor.

And that is it double check the site and make sure everything is running smooth.

For WP Engine all you need to do is update the plugins, WordPress and installing Classic Editor, no need for the s3 uploads update.